Current project:
  1. Representation Learning and Its Applications in Speech and Music Processing
    (Ministry of Science and Technology, 2016/8/1-2019/7/31)

  2. Enhancing Intelligent Sensing Capability of Home Robots via Deep Learning
    (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, 2017/1/1-2018/12/31)

  3. Voice Conversion and its Applications
    (Ministry of Science and Technology, 2018/8/1-2021/7/31)

Past project:
  1. Video/Audio Enhancement and Recognition by Deep Learning
    (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, 2015/1/1-2016/12/31)

  2. Context-Aware and Personalized Music Recommendation
    (Ministry of Science and Technology, 2013/8/1-2016/7/31)

  3. The Sustainable Management of Taiwan Digital Archives
    (Ministry of Science and Technology, 2013/2/1-2016/1/31)

  4. Social Tagging for Music Information Retrieval and Applications
    (National Science Council, 2012/8/1-2015/7/31)

  5. Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program
    (National Science Council, 2007/12/1-2012/12/31)

  6. Research on Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognition using Articulatory Knowledge Sources
    (National Science Council, 2010/8/1-2013/7/31)

  7. Next generation Automatic Speech Recognition (Phase II) - Subproject 2: Automatic Labeling and Validation of Speech Databases
    (National Science Council, 2008/8/1-2011/7/31, Phase I: 2005/8/1-2008/7/31)
    NGASR2004, NGASR2005, WWNGASR2005

  8. Speaker Diarization in Audio Recordings
    (National Science Council, 2007/8/1-2010/7/31)

  9. New Generation Speech Science and Technologies - from Fundamentals to Applications
    (National Science Council, 2005/6/1-2008/10/31)

  10. Next generation Automatic Speech Recognition - Subproject 5: Development of Linguistic and Phonological Knowledgebase for Next-Generation Automatic Speech Recognition
    (National Science Council, 2005/8/1-2008/7/31)

  11. Integration of Speech and Speaker Recognition for Biometric Person Authentication
    (National Science Council, 2004/8/1-2007/7/31)

  12. New Directions for Mandarin Speech Synthesis: From Prosodic Organization to More Nature Output
    (Academia Sinica, 2003/1/1-2005/12/31)

  13. Chinese Multimedia Information Extraction
    (Academia Sinica, 2002/1/1-2004/12/31)

  14. Spontaneous Mandarin Speech: Corpus and Processing (1/3, 2/3, 3/3)
    (National Science Council, 2001/8/1/-2004/7/31)
    MATBN - the Mandarin Chinese broadcast news corpus

  15. A Study on Database Technology for Electronic Audio/Video Digital Archive
    (National Science Council, 2003/3/1-2004/7/31)

  16. Speech Information Retrieval in a Wireless Communication Environment (1/3, 2/3, 3/3)
    (National Science Council, 2000/8/1-2003/7/31)

  17. Development of Audio Processing Techniques and A Retrieval System for Video
    (National Science Council, 2001/5/1-2002/4/30)

  18. Mandarin-English Information
    (An NSF Workshop at The Johns Hopkins University, 2000/7/1-2000/8/31)
    abstract report

  19. Research on Automatic Recognition of Mandarin Broadcast News Speech
    (National Science Council, 1999/8/1-2000/7/31)

  20. Research on Mandarin Speech Database Retrieval Using Quasi-Natural-Language Queries
    (National Science Council, 1998/8/1-1999/7/31)

  21. Research on Mandarin Speech Database Retrieval
    (National Science Council, 1997/8/1-1998/7/31)